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Topic: How much money needed?  
How much money needed?
Mar. 27th 2012 at 12:43 am EDT
By navdeep singh

HI friends,
I want to know that how much money is needed for the Quebec skilled worker program?

Mar. 29th 2012 at 09:41 am EDT

the fee for CSQ is 395 CA$ . But make sure you meet the eligibility criteria before filing an official application. Other than CSQ, you need to learn French (if you can not meet the requirement without it). Upon having a CSQ, you need to file an application for PR which cost 550 CA$. If you are granted PR visa, you have to pay 490 CA$ as processing for for right of permanent residency. There are additional cost for acquiring some documents like police certificate and medical etc.

To be on safe side, the minimum required amount for CSQ is around 2000 CA$, provided you do all the process by you own.

If you get some job offer, it will be quick and cheap.

By the way, all the information regarding cost of immigration are provided at the cic.gc.ca as well as Quebec immigration website. Pls spare some time to have a look.

Mar. 29th 2012 at 03:04 pm EDT
By SandraT

hi navdeep and Jmobhatti,

Processing fees for the primary applicant under the QSW will be raised on 1 April 2012 from $406 to $750.

there are changes in mostly everything.
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