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Topic: Advisory on Marriages Certificate  
Advisory on Marriages Certificate
Jun. 17th 2009 at 04:19 pm EDT
By mike021775

Hi There. I recently received my AOR from the Visa Office here in Manila and one of the documents that is included is requiring me to submit an Original NSO Advisory on Marriages Certificates for me and my Wife. I don't know what this document is. Is there any body in this forum who knows or had encountered the same issue? I already submitted the authenticated Marriage certificate and have no idea what this is. Any inputs will be highly appreciated. Thanks


Jun. 18th 2009 at 03:45 am EDT
By april10

hi mike,

you have to get another authenticated original marriage certificate from National Statistics Office (NSO).. its the blue or green one..

Jun. 30th 2009 at 03:53 am EDT

relax mike, i also had that kind of requirement but what they require is for me only not to my girl. by the way, what is an AOR? hehehe. forgive me but i dont that. anyway dont worry about that requirement, NSO already knows this requirement. like what maristel said, anyway, she is not so sure about the color but i am so sure. hahaha.

the Original NSO Advisory on Marriages Certificates is an easy thing to do. okay, here is what happened, i received a letter from the embassy blah blah blah saying, they received my application and that they need some sort of personal history/ list address from 1995 to present which is easily accomplished. then my passport and of course this Original NSO Advisory on Marriages Certificates which i have no idea all about. but? I just went there in our NSO office (Baguio city is my place FYI) went the guard:

Me: Miss kuha nga ako Advisory on Marriage Certificates...

Guard: Eto oh.... pakifill-up (binigay ay green form! this is the one i filled up, this is the form for CENOMAR i filled up one year ago!!!!) Anyway, what i did was, I crossed out the CENOMAR header in the form. Heck im not looking for a certificate of no marriage, i am already married and of course i am not looking for a marriage certificate, i already sent a marriage certificate before. AND I MANUALLY WRITE OVER THE "CENOMAR" the words "ADVISORY OF CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE" hehehe para pangsigurado. Eh P195 din kaya bayad noon. Anyway, that's it. I just fill up the forms and the girl (an NSO employee) in the screening table just asked some info like what is the purpose of the request form for? when did i got married? where? and after i answered em and it's over. i went to the pila. paid P195 then they told me to get it at 2pm (its 9:am that time) of course i have a job to attend at tumakas lang kasi ako sa trabaho kaya bukas na lang ng 8am ko kukunin. kaya kinabukasan, i went there to the pila, gave me resibo to the guy, after 5 minutes my name was called. and viola i got the copy. it is not a marriage certificate, it's not a cenomar but a one page similar to the birth certificate but with a title ADVISORY of CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE. so it's the real deal my friend. and so a while ago, i sent all the requested documents (personal history + advisory of certificicate of marriages + passport via courier to the embassy. hope that help mike! good luck!!

Sep. 28th 2010 at 10:13 pm EDT
By simplytin

hi guys! please give us some ideas on how a spousal sponsorship process in manila Philippines office is..how was the process and how long it will take and what are the required documents to be submit in the office together with the application form..my husband will going to submit the application in mississauga, ottawa office..we are answering the questionnaire but how should be answer it accurately..please give any advice form those people who already undergone the same process..
thanks! and God bless!! a quick response is very much appreciate please e-mail me at simplytin_tin@yahoo.com
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